Mobile Power Banks Buying Guide

If you are just as addicted to your smartphone as we are, we know how frustrating it can get when your phone shows you that "Battery Low" notification. It almost feels like the end of the world when you are on the move and that happens. This is where having a Portable Power Banks comes in handy. A power bank does not only charge your phone, but it also makes a huge difference in the way you relish your phone and saves you from regular episodes of annoyance. Power Bank is considered as one of the most essential smartphone accessories in Pakistan.

What is A Power Bank?

Power Banks also known as battery banks, external battery, spare battery, or digital companion is a device that has been developed keeping in mind the rapid popularization and growth of digital gadgets which require constant energy to function.

By definition, it is a portable power supply which has a large capacity but is easy to carry around. Power Bank is consists of a battery in a compact case with a compact circuit to control the flow of power. It allows you to store electrical energy like you save money in a "Bank" and use it later to recharge your mobile phone or any other USB-charged device which is just like withdrawing money from the Bank. Power Banks are good for almost all kinds of USB-charged gadgets that includes digital cameras, portable speakers, MP3 players, smartphones, tablets, and even some laptops can easily be charged from a power bank when a wall outlet is far away or you are out on the street.

How Does the Power Banks Works?

A Portable Power Bank is built around a single rechargeable lithium ion battery, or multiple batteries. It has an input and an output. The bank accepts 5V DC to charge itself while an internal microcontroller controls the charge state of the power bank. The input is usually a USB from a USB AC or DC charger or a computer port. The internal circuit charges the 3.8V cell or the group of cells connected in a parallel combination. Usually, a cord with USB to micro USB connectors is provided with the power bank which can be used to charge the bank and to supply power to other devices as well. Also, some LEDs indicate charging or charged and when the output is on. Sometimes a flashlight white LED is also provided as a side feature.

Things Need to be Considered When Buying Power Banks

Without battery your precious $500 phone is nothing more than a paperweight. Keeping a mobile power bank with you can save your phone from being useless in time of need. But the question is, "How do you know which one is the right power bank for you?"

Just follow these recommendations and you will never have trouble finding a reliable power bank for your device again.

  • Capacity: The main attribute associated with Portable Power Banks is its capacity which is measured in mAh (milliamperes Hours). The more mAh, the more capacity of your digital power banks. So, if you have a smartphone with 1500mAh, a capacity of 1500mAh can fully charge your smartphone once. When you buy a digital power bank, make sure that its output voltage matches with the device you own, because if the output voltage is less than that of your device, the power bank won’t work.

  • USB Charging: Most power banks come with a built-in USB charging capability. After you have fully charged your power bank at home, it is simply a matter of connecting it to your mobile device and it will get charged in no time. All good Power Banks in Pakistan usually come with a set of connectors for different device manufacturers such as Anker, Remax, Romoss, Samsung, Xiaomi and Sony etc.

  • Portability: A key feature which can never be ignored when buying a power bank is its portability. The ability to charge your device no matter where you are just because you can carry your stylish little charger anywhere is a huge deal. But be careful with the inexpensive power banks, as you may get what you pay for and they may easily break down on you.

  • Price & Quality: Apart from battery life, another thing which can help you decide which digital power bank to buy is the price. You should never buy portable power banks which either uses refurbished batteries or which does not have the basic features such as short circuit, over-charging protection.

Best Portable Power Banks in Pakistan

With a large number of Pakistanis using more than one mobile phones, the Mobile Power Bank has quickly found its way into their homes without facing any problems. Some of these best digital power banks in Pakistan include:

  • GJT Power Bank 20000mAh: GJT Power Bank is one of the most compact battery banks that is compatible with Apple and Android Smartphones and tablets. GJT Power Bank features a beautiful design with 4 intelligent adjustable LED lights which indicate the current battery status and can be used as a night lamp or a torch. The high capacity 20000mAh can charge an iPhone 6 for 10 times, and Galaxy S5 for over 7 times. It can also charge two devices simultaneously at full speed.

  • Remax Proda Digital Power Bank 20000mAh: Remax Proda Digital Power Bank has a super capacity of 20000mAh and a double USB interface that can charge up to 2 devices at a time at full speed. Remax Proda Digital Power Bank features an intelligent LCD display which tells you the accurate battery status. It is also compatible with a number of devices like smartphones, PAD, MP3, Digital Cameras, iPod, etc. The Intelligent Dormancy allows the bank to automatically enter a dormant state after not working for 60 seconds, to minimize power consumption.

  • Romoss Polymos 20 Power Bank 20000mAh: Romoss Polymos has an ultra-high capacity of 20000mAh that can power up your mobile device multiple times – best for long journeys and busy business trips. With the unique Fit Charge technology, Polymos 20 was designed with compatibility in mind so it can power up a wide variety of smartphones, tablets PCs, and other mobile devices. It also juices up your smartphone and tablet PC at the same time with the dual-output port.

  • Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 10000mAh: The 10000mAh Mi Power Bank 2 is a portable power bank that offers high-speed charging and ensures your devices make it through your busiest and longest days. The Anodized aluminum case and 180° ergonomic arc design feels exceptional in your hand and looks gorgeous near your phone. Mi Power Bank 2 is merely 14.1mm thin - slip it in your pocket or bag and you are all set to go. With adopted USB smart-control chips and charging/discharging chips built by Texas Instruments, Mi Power Bank 2 does not just provide nine layers of circuit chip protection, it also enhances charging efficiency.

  • Anker PowerCore II Power Bank 20000mAh: America's Leading USB Charging Brand Anker gives you PowerCore II 20000mAh - The ultra-high capacity portable charger with upgraded compatibility. Access unrivaled charging speeds—for Apple, Quick Charge, and more—with PowerIQ 2.0, the newest generation of Anker's advanced smart-charging technology. PowerIQ 2.0 adapts to your device's unique charging protocol to deliver a tailored, blazing-fast charge. Find out how much power you have remaining by pressing the slick 8-light LED wheel, or by plugging a device into an output port.

Where to Buy Power Banks Online in Pakistan

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