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Ajmal Carbon in Pakistan

Rs.2000 Rs.1825

Ajmal Neutron in Pakistan

Rs.1500 Rs.1375

Ajmal Raindrops in Pakistan

Rs.1500 Rs.1375

Ajmal Sacred Love in Pakistan

Rs.1850 Rs.1675

Ajmal Wisal in Pakistan

Rs.2600 Rs.2375

Rasasi Blue Lady in Pakistan

Rs.1150 Rs.990

Rasasi Innocence in Pakistan

Rs.1250 Rs.1150

Rasasi Secret in Pakistan

Rs.1300 Rs.1150

Ajmal Blu in Pakistan

Rs.3300 Rs.3000

Rasasi Romance in Pakistan

Rs.1350 Rs.990

Ajmal Bling in Pakistan

Rs.8000 Rs.7550

Ajmal Blu Femme in Pakistan

Rs.3200 Rs.2850

Ajmal Estela in Pakistan

Rs.2000 Rs.1825

Ajmal Expedition in Pakistan

Rs.1500 Rs.1375

Ajmal Izara in Pakistan

Rs.2000 Rs.1825

Ajmal Senora in Pakistan

Rs.2200 Rs.1975

Rasasi Adorable in Pakistan

Rs.1400 Rs.1275

Rasasi Emotions in Pakistan

Rs.1300 Rs.1150

Rasasi Feelings in Pakistan

Rs.1250 Rs.1150

Rasasi Jewel in Pakistan

Rs.1200 Rs.1100

Rasasi Knowledge in Pakistan

Rs.2250 Rs.2000

Rasasi Twinkle in Pakistan

Rs.1200 Rs.1100

Brown Orchid in Pakistan

Rs.1600 Rs.1350

Arabic Perfumes

It would not go wrong to say that the present perfume industry should be thankful to the Arabian civilization. It is because the Arabic Perfumes and Arabic Fragrances were the first perfumes ever to be introduced to the modern civilization and as the Arab territory has trade as their main economic activity so, they collected the best fragrances giving spices, flowers and woods etc. and bottled their oils or smokes and then supplied all around the Arab. Use of Perfumes is of religious importance in Muslim civilization so that motivated Arab people to innovate new and best smelling Arabic Perfumes ever.

Arabic Perfumes Price in Pakistan varies according to the types and their composition ranging from Rs.1000 to Rs.15000. You can find the Arabic Perfumes names in much lower price of just a few hundreds and others may cost couple of thousands indeed. There are so many vareity in Arabic Perfumes but few Arabic Perfumes brands like Ajmal Perfumes, Rasasi Perfumes, Maryaj Perfumes and some perfumes like Ashab Al-Saadah, Khalis Oudi, Oud Sharkia and Oud Sharqia Abiyad are the best Arabic Perfumes in Pakistan. We have compiled the collection of best Arabic Perfumes Names List which are available at PakStyle.pk.

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